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How do you include the Downloaded Payee field in any report/export? I already have the column visible in the register.
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  • Tom Young
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    The payee field is typically included in reports by default.  If it's not showing up then customize the report and on the first page of the report customization field make sure that column is ticked as a field to include in the report.
  • NotACPA
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    @Tom Young , the OP is asking for the "Downloaded Payee" field ... not the Payee field.
    @jefferbob, this feature (along with including the other "downloaded" fields) has been made several times ... but there's not apparent progress on the request.
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  • Sherlock
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    Quicken does not provide the functionality to include Downloaded fields in any report/export.  To view the Downloaded fields apart from the register, I suggest you examine the OFX Log (select Help > Log files) or the financial institution's QFX file.
  • debotch
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    What I've been able to do is revert the "Payee" to the "Downloaded Payee" and then run a regular report to get this info. You can do this on a single entry or on an entire range of entries. If you really don't want to change the payees, you could always back up your file before you do the change, revert all of the transactions, run your report/export, then restore your backed up file. Kind of a pain, but does the trick if it's important.