Cannot get online quotes after updating to R 28.23. What must I do to correct this?

Keeps telling me to wait 10 minutes and try again


  • splasher
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    It is not the R28.23 update, it is a problem with the quotes provider.  It is happening to all supported releases.
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  • MSDalt
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    I keep three separate Quicken files - one each for myself, my wife and our daughter. Two of the three seem to be updating quotes without issues. I tried updating my wife's backup files and am still encountering the issues with hers. I tried the mondo patch to no avail. It has been roughly eight hours since I was first asked to wait 10 minutes and try again. That instruction persists, along with an apology for my inconvenience.
  • UKR
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    Since you have already installed the latest available Mondo Patch file, please do all of Step (2) of  Troubleshooting 101 - Fixing Software Installation and Data File Problems using the data file(s) that give you problems.
  • MSDalt
    MSDalt Member
    The fix failed; I will need to update the backup; unfortunately, I do this manually so I will need to reenter about 60 transactions
    I never had problems when Intuit was running the show and software could be used for several years on one purchase.
    This is what a monopoly brings.
    I appreciate your trying to help.
    My frustration with Quicken increases almost daily.
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