Clearing persistent 501 errors with NFCU

I have multiple NFCU accounts for myself and my wife involving two separate logins. We can also access one another's accounts online, so I'm careful when setting up online access through Windows to only access each account through one login. With NFCU requiring two-factor authentication, I'm prompted twice to enter a method (email or text) and code received, once for each account. Even though that process appears successful, often one or the other accounts does not update and throws a 501 error.
Any suggestions on how to solve? I have already disabled and reenabled online access for all NFCU accounts.


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    Hi @Dean Carsaleau,

    Similar to you, I have multiple NFCU accounts as does my wife, with separate logins, 2 factor authorization, etc.  You probably went through the same connection/downloading problems that many NFCU users had earlier this year (as documented in various threads).  However, for most of this year, I have been connecting/downloading error-free (fingers crossed).

    The intermittent CC-501 errors - depending on how often they occur - sound like there could be a data file issue.  Here's the general guidance on CC-501 LINK which you should review.  If you haven't already, I suggest that you contact Quicken Support so that they can review your log files and hopefully fix your issues.  Here's the Quicken Support LINK

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