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I recommended Quicken to a friend who wanted more budgeting functionality. I have Quicken for Windows so I decided to watch the “Quicken University for Mac” budget video. What a surprise I got when I saw the Mac budgeting interface. It’s soooo much better than the Windows interface which has not been updated in forever. When are Windows users going to get an interface like the Mac users have?

PS: The “university” for Mac was also much better because it has “how to” videos instead of just text and screenshots.
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  • NotACPA
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    Sorry, but we're other users .. and can't answer (don't know either) the "when" question that you ask.
    AND, if such a change is in testing phase, the testers (among them many SuperUsers) have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement ... so they can't speak either.
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    Are you also willing not to budget your transfers, or be able to select which accounts are included in your budget?

    Quicken Mac's budget has neither of these even though they have been promising to put them in for quite a long time now.

    There is always a problem with the decision to throw away the old and and put in a new interface.  Quicken Windows budget was in fact totally redone in Quicken 2012, and that brought tons of complaints.  And in Quicken 2013 they again overhauled it quite a bit because of all the complaints.  I seriously doubt that if they tried changing it again to look like what Quicken Mac has that everyone would be happy about it.

    I think a much better approach would be to leave the interface that it has alone and instead tweak out some of the inconsistencies there are in it between the Graph, Annual, and reports.
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    I struggle. The UI is not terribly intuitive or stylish. Time for an upgrade.
  • BikerL
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    I believe the interface needs a rework. I prepare a budget outside of Quicken and get annual figures for each category. I then have to go through 3-4 clicks for each category to enter a single annual figure. The previous budget interface, while clunky, allowed me to work in annual mode and enter just one number. Seems like the newer interface should be able to permit this.