recently, i have had to repeatly sign in but i will not work. it creates a loop.

The mondo patch does not work. Spent an hour on the phone with support. they couldn't fix the issue and simply stated my Windows 7 was not going to work with the quicken home and business like it did two days ago. I can see the data breifly then it changes screen and ask for sign in. any suggestions. like I said it work two days ago no issues....


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    Hello @ctabeling,
    Thank you for posting about your concern. It seems as though in the text of your query, you pointed to your own solution. 

    If you like, you can review the Quicken System Requirements, which states that Windows 7 is no longer supported. Sorry. Aspects of Quicken rely on the operating system.

    That Quicken worked on an unsupported OS until 2 days ago was an unexpected bonus for you. How about you declare victory and move forward to the current supported Win 10, yes?

    I believe you can still get a free upgrade to Win 10. A quick search on your favorite Search Engine should bring up rather quite a few links. You might try this one

    Once you have a supported operating system running the current Quicken software, then support should be much more able to provide productive help.
  • Well I have versions 2019 2018 and 2017
    None of them work.

    So I suspect that a fix is easy to disable the sign in screen
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    Have you upgraded to Win 10 yet? That's the first step.

    "... I suspect that a fix is easy to disable the sign in screen."
    Not really.
    The sign in screen is basically trying to sync your current software to your current subscription (running on your current OS), in order to enable multiple functions and features within the software.

    Do you have a current subscription to Quicken? In Quicken, click on Help > About Quicken. What year/version/build are you using?

    How do you have 3 separate versions of Quicken running on your computer?
    Unless you have taken some convoluted steps, Quicken will uninstall the previous version of the software on your computer. Please explain how, exactly, you have 3 versions of Quicken on your computer. 

  • I purchased each version in the Respective year. I tried each version to see if they would work. Started with 2017, it didn’t work then 2018 etc.

    Should have a way to have a stand alone version without sync. I can manual input the information. Should be independent of the windows version.

    There are lots of window 7 professional series out there. They work just fine. Quicken is just denying the full value of the product to the end user.