OL-297-A error message for multiple sites

I've been using Quicken since the beginning and have never had so many issues with my account updates as I've had in the last year. My OS is Windows 10 with all the latest updates, Quicken Deluxe version R28.24 Build, Google Chrome is my default browser, and I use Webroot for anti-virus and firewall.

I recently executed a Windows upgrade and started having problems getting connectivity to my financial institutions. Quicken can get to the web and update Web Express links, but all my Direct connect links fail with the OL-297-A error. First stop was to check all my firewall/internet security settings, etc. Everything looks ok but still doesn't work.

I dialed up Quicken help line and spent almost two hours with a nice fellow. In the end, their answer was that it was a problem with the financial institutions. Seems impossible for 4 separate institutions (1 bank , and 3 brokerages) to all be down at the same time. Plus, I can access them all via Google Chrome directly.

I am sure it is a settings error that happened during some of my latest updates, but I can't find it. Since the Quicken tech support folks can't figure it out either I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction.


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    Hello @osu1283,
    Sorry to hear about the OL 297 error.
    Just to make sure, please review each step in this article to try to help you resolve this.

    There may be something in your recent Windows update (or Windows Defender), your anti-virus program(s), a firewall(s), router, and/or ISP that is blocking Quicken from successfully reaching out to, and receiving information from, some of your Financial Institutions.

    "Seems impossible for 4 separate institutions..." gets into an interesting conversation but that's not really on task.

    That you can use Google's Chrome Web Browser to go to FI's public facing websites successfully does not really make a difference as far as Quicken being able to successfully query and receive information from the FI's non-public systems.

    In a manner of speaking, you can go through the door on the left.
    Quicken is trying to go to, through, and receive information from, the door on the right. It's not the same door. Something is blocking Quicken from being successful in it's task on your behalf. The root cause of the OL 297-A error is something outside of Quicken. It might be on your side of things, or it may be on the FI's side. I can point you in the right direction, but I don't have a way to give you an absolute answer as to what, exactly, specifically, has changed that is now blocking Quicken from it's appointed tasks on your behalf.
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    Quicken Hugh;

    Thanks for the response. I understand your door analogy...it is a good one. And am sure you are correct that it is on my side (E.g. firewall settings). Something has changed via my last Windows, or Quicken Update, or combo of the two, that closed the door to my accounts. I’m just having a hard time believing the door closes simultaneously for four different institutions unless it is something like that.

    I had found the article you Linked earlier and went through it several times, as did the tech support folks from Quicken. Nothing appears out of order but still won’t work.

    Again, thanks for the response. I will keep looking.
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    Very broadly speaking, "CC" types of error occurs within Quicken. "OL" types of errors occur outside of Quicken. We always check to make sure the OL error truly is outside of Quicken in any case.

    If the error had been caused by a recent Quicken update, then more likely you would be getting some type of CC error.
    I checked - we have not had widely reported problems with a recent Windows nor Quicken update.

    Trying to help you narrow it down, I'd first focus on the anti-virus, firewall, cloud service, then the router, ISP, next the FIs, after that, Windows, and finally Quicken, in that order.

    Can you temporarily turn off the anti-virus/firewall and cloud services, then try an OSU please? (Be sure to turn the anti-virus and firewall back on once the OSU completes.) Are you still getting the same error? Are you getting any other error messages, if so, exactly what error, please?

  • I'm having a similar issue. I'll run one-step update, and as Quicken proceeds down the list of financial institutions, all of a sudden I get OL-297-A errors. Today it was the last one or two, other times five or six, and other times none at all that have problems. If I go back to those institutions individually to update transactions, then they will connect without a problem. I checked the article referenced above, and the connections and cookies are set appropriately.
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    Hello @impour77,

    Thank you for reaching out on this thread and providing a detailed explanation of the issue you are experiencing as well as checking the steps found in the support article previously provided, though I am sorry to hear that this did not resolve your issue.

    When you reviewed the article, did you also try the steps found at the bottom in the blue dropdown sections titled If you get this error with all your banks (including the Configuring Firewalls portion and link) and/or If you get this error with some (not all) your banks? If not, I suggest checking/trying the steps provided in those two sections as well. 

    Let us know how it goes and if you have any additional questions!
    -Quicken Anja
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    Same problem here. Turned off Norton -- same problem. I have latest Quicken Update. How do I check my ISP? Call them. I will check Windows update.
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