401k - $0 Employee Contribution causes Uncategorized Expense Transactions

I have several paycheck transactions where the 401k employee contribution is $0, but the employer match amount is a positive value. In these cases the employee contribution transactions are showing up as uncategorized expense transactions on the Itemized Categories Spending Report. Similarly, I have paycheck transactions where both 401k employee contribution AND employer match are $0, and that results in TWO uncategorized expense transactions.

For context, this condition (the $0 employee contribution) exists each year back to 2014. But the issue of uncategorized transactions in the spending report only happens 9/2018 forward.

Has anyone figured out how to get rid of these uncategorized transactions? There are quite a few of them and they clutter the report to the point that it's difficult to use.

Current Version is:
Quicken Home Business & Rental Property for Windows



  • Terry Locke
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    I just tested it out and I to get an uncategorized transaction in my spending report for a $0 401k Employee Contribution. I have tried a couple of things and only one of them kind of worked. What didn't work was trying to delete the $0 transaction from either the paycheck or the 401k account. If I edit the paycheck to make that a $0.01 contribution, the uncategorized transaction goes away. You could try doing that but of course that would make a difference in your tax reports of $0.01 per payday.

    You may want to send that in as a bug.
  • Thanks for validating that you can reproduce it. I'm new to this forum, can you tell me how I can log this bug with Quicken?
  • Terry Locke
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    > @caclements said:
    > Thanks for validating that you can reproduce it. I'm new to this forum, can you tell me how I can log this bug with Quicken?

    To report a bug (a problem) click on the "Help" button in the command bar and select "Report a Problem" and fill in the information and attach what ever files you need to show your issue. A warning here, the explanation field is very short so you will need to be very specific. You could also reference this threat in your description.

    However, I had one more thought about those Uncategorized transactions. Try the following:

    When you go to the Reports and Graphs feature in Quicken and click on the "Spending - Itemized Categories" it brings up the report.

    In that report click the 'gear' in the upper right corner to popup the "Customize Itemized Categories" Click the "Advanced" Tab. In the center you will see the 'Transactions' section and the first option is the "Amounts". By default it is set to "All". Click the dropdown and select "Not Equal To" and a blank field opens up beside it and type in 0.00 into that field. That will prevent any transactions of $0.00 from being included in your report.

    You can save custom reports.
  • Thanks for the info. Good idea on filtering out $0 transactions. That will help improve the clutter factor. Will report the bug as well. Appreciate the help.