Investment Sale with $0 Gain/Loss creates Uncategorized Expense Transaction

I have a number of investment sales that resulted in uncategorized expense transactions in the Itemized Categories Spending Report. The pattern I've detected is that in each case, the investment sale resulted in a $0 gain or loss. This causes the transaction to be missing the _RlzdGain category that is typically assigned to an investment sale transaction.

Has anyone seen this and figured out a workaround to get rid of the bogus uncategorized transactions?

Current Version is:
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  • Terry Locke
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    Yes. I have the same thing in my accounts. Some investment sales result in 0 gain and are reflected as Uncatagorized in that report.

    Hi Try this:

    When you go to the Reports and Graphs feature in Quicken and click on the "Spending - Itemized Categories" it brings up the report.

    In that report click the 'gear' in the upper right corner to popup the "Customize Itemized Categories" Click the "Advanced" Tab. In the center you will see the 'Transactions' section and the first option is the "Amounts". By default it is set to "All". Click the dropdown and select "Not Equal To" and a blank field opens up beside it and type in 0.00 into that field. That will prevent any transactions of $0.00 from being included in your report.

    You can save custom reports.
  • Tom Young
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    The more straightforward way of handling this is to make sure that "Not Categorized" isn't selected under the Categories tab.
  • Terry Locke
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    > @Tom Young said:
    > The more straightforward way of handling this is to make sure that "Not Categorized" isn't selected under the Categories tab.

    The problem with not selecting "Not Categorized" is that there may be other non-zero dollar transactions that are 'Uncategorized' For instance when I run the "Itemized Categories Spending Report" I get many (over 30) Uncategorized non-zero dollar transactions coming from my 401k and other investment accounts and that is the result of how my Financial Institution (Charles Schwab) decided to download the transactions. In this case I could go about editing the transaction to put in a category or I could just ignore it. Or I could use that report to 'discover' what Uncategorized transactions I have in my accounts and then go fix them.

    Bottom line is if you customize the report and unselect the "Not Categorized" transactions in the then you will never see any Uncategorized transactions in that report. That's okay if that's what you want to do. But it is not more straightforward.
  • Thanks all. Very helpful. I do want to see other uncategorized transactions to find and fix anything that may be there on accident.

    After playing around with this a bit, I was able to find a workaround - if I enter a different sale price that results in a loss or a gain, then the transaction gets categorized as _RlzdGain as expected. I can then change it back to the original sale price (resulting in $0 loss or gain) and the category _RlzdGain stays. Tedious and time consuming, so not practical for large numbers of transactions, but may work to clear out the occasional transaction here and there.

    Thanks again for the help and suggestions!