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Cumbersome Quicken Bill Manager... or is it Pay... hmmm maybe it's Check.

Besides the name of the new service being confusingly similar to the retired service [removed - disruptive/violation of Community Guidelines], the new service is soooo cumbersome to use. For example: 1) Forces me to create on-line accounts. Prefer the previous Bill Pay approach where on-line accounts were not required. 2) Cannot easily make register entries setting the date I want. You really need to bring that feature back the way Bill Pay worked. 3) It's an immature service. I have a paper bill on my desk ready to pay from Amerigas. So I created an On-line account with Amerigas and linked it. I can see I have a balance due. But Quicken Bill Manager says it can't find any bills... so I'm stuck. I'm going to be forced to use a Check Pay option. 4) Simplicity. Please bring back the simplicity of Bill Pay. Oh yeah, and name the services notably different so it's not so confusing!! Shesh.


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    Your right, the term BIll Manager is not actually used on Quicken screens and the payment process is more difficult to understand, particularly for those familiar with Quicken Billpay.  If you haven't already, you might want to review a couple of how to videos:
    Unfortunately, QBP is gone because the company that provided the service (not Quicken) decided to stop providing it.  There are a lot of posts about various problems with Bill Manager.  Some users seem to be trying to make it work, other are transitioning to using their bank's bill payment services.  It is what it is.
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