Has Anyone Truly Solved The Mobile Problems?

I've read about almost every article on the Mobile issues there is in the community and tried just about all the stated fixes, including resets of the could database multiple times, deactivation/reactivation of all the accounts, and all with zero success. I too ended up just deleting the Mobile app.

I think the crux of the problem is the mobile app or could needing access to online accounts. I understand the reasons for this. Quicken was wanting to make an app that was stand-alone where you just use the quicken app without the desktop version, but for some reason, this has caused some major problems. The app is only rated 3.5 on the Google Play Store website for a reason.

The main issues I have constantly with the app are account update errors. The desktop will sync ok, but not the app on the same account and with the same login info. It is really frustrating.

Personally, I wish there was a way of only syncing the app to the could and not to the online accounts. I think this would solve most of the app's problems. I just do not see that flexibility in this app. Does anyone know a fix for this? Thanks!


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    Well aside from the syncing issues, the Mobile app (and web-app) calculate your income and spending in such a fundamentally different way than either desktop version (Mac to Windows) that the data is pretty much meaningless anyway, even when it does work.

    Attached is how QuickenWeb sees my spending last month, compared to QMac. It's wrong for 2 reasons.

    1) Part of my mortgage is a transfer same as almost everyone else, which QWeb ignores even if the transfer account is not synced (so not how reports generally work) Even though the transfer is categorized (which is why it shows on QMac)

    2) The transaction "maintenance" has not cleared. On the desktop version transactions that are not cleared won't show as spending, but on the web and mobile version they will - because hey, who needs consistency. Note that "Auto" is also different, because there's a split here from another uncleared transaction.

    So if you ever get Mobile working, you'll spend all of your time trying to figure out why it never reconciles to the desktop version.

    I understand 5.18 will finally include transfers in reports, but I am assuming that the desktop version will follow the web behavior and not the other way around, which is extremely unfortunate.