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I will be perfectly honest in that I am an Australian user using the Canadian version of Quicken. Reckon as it is known here, no longer support the Personal range of the software apart from charging an exorbitant fee for share price downloads and updating tax information annually. I have been using the software for 25 years and it is becoming increasingly unstable and think they will soon pull the plug on it altogether. I know there are other Aussies using the Canadian version as it is closer to ours than the US version and am sure there will be quite a few more soon as there is no alternative here. I was surprised how well my files transferred over, coming over in Australian dollars and date format. Obviously, there are features that don't work such as One Step update and the Web feature, but it is easy enough to download manually and have found workarounds for other issues such as swapping out the Canadian tax files for Australian ones.

However, one problem that I do have is in reporting. When I first ran a Cash Flow report, found that quite a few tax related items came out in the wrong flow (i.e. a foreign pension which is set as Income came out in outflow and computer expenses came out as inflows). I thought this might be to do with my Australian tax files, so swapped back the Canadian ones and got the same outcome. I found a post on this Forum with a similar problem whom I presumed was a Canadian user and it was suggested to untick tax-related in categories which I did. Everything came out correctly apart from my investment income. I wanted the report to show my dividend and interest incomes from my different accounts separately, but they all came out combined as _IntInc - Investment interest inc in outflows. I went into categories again and found that although I had edited them as not tax related, some of the items were still showing a tick in the tax column. When I right clicked on the entries, it no longer gave me the option to edit, only hide or new category. Just wondering if any local users have struck this problem and is there a way to retain my tax related items and run reports showing the correct information? Any help gratefully appreciated.

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    Thanks for getting back to me, Anja. I am glad to say that I have found a solution to my problem. In the Canadian version's reports there is Banking Summary and this works in the same way as Cash Flow in the Australian version. This gives me all I need except as you say, all the investment income is combined but I can live with that. I am really happy with the way everything has come over from the Australian version, even the tax categories I swapped over work OK. Think you may be getting a few more Aussie users as there is widespread unhappiness with Reckon here, especially from long-term users such as myself.
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    Just a shot in the dark ... this helped another customer with a similar problem ...
    Please check Edit / Preferences / Reports only and make sure that Category display has the Name radio button selected.
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    Thanks for your reply but didn't fix the problem. I have found that by using the Banking Summary report, I get the same result as Cash Flow in the Australian version and still keep all my tax categories intact.

    I take it by your username that you are a UK user and believe that you are worse off than we are over there in that Quicken pulled out of your market all together? How did you find the transition to the Canadian version?
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    Hi there @carljh
    I am also Australian and am running latest Canadian H&B. I am indeed having the same issue as you. You can read a few of my posts. Canadian version is not without it's bugs after being rewritten a few years ago - at least it's in development not ignore like Reckon. I don't frequent Reckon forum too much lately after causing a stir there in August. 

    I have no way to prove it but I think that a few of the reports have been incorrectly hard programmed to put certain (CA) categories in certain places instead of actually reading whether they are in fact set up as Expense or Income. The AU list of categories I have end up puts tax related categories in the wrong place. Meanwhile if CA or US users do not modify the standard categories too much they do not see the problem. My Income line comes up as a Negative expense line on Spending and banking reports. The fact that one report shows the erro while the another do not means it is something with the programming as the categories are staying the same.

    You can read my previous post on the issue here;

    For me the Spending, Income vs Expense is wrong, but fortunately the same widget graph on the home page is correct which is the main one I look at so I work around the bug. There are some other bugs I have posted about also. There are also some vagaries you have to work around with the way Reckon bastardised investment categories when migrating which I will document one day. You can PM me if you have specific questions. 

    Welcome to the US/CA forums!
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