Wells Fargo accounts not syncing on mobile

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  • Hunk1
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    Was this resolved? I have the same issue.
  • RWHarperJr01
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    edited September 2020
    I've been trying to get my bill info from Wells Fargo into Quicken for days on end now and keep getting a message that "Bill added but the next due amount is not yet available. Please try to update your Bill List Later." Well, I'm sick and [removed] tired of waiting on later.

    I've tried this without 2 factor authentication, and I never receive a text message with a code from Wells Fargo. I've been to their site to make sure my phone contact is correct. When I enable 2 factor authentication at WF and try the update again, Quicken is asking me to enter a security code before I even press enter. How WF is supposed to know to send me a code BEFORE I even try to log in is beside me.

    Is there anything that Wells Fargo doesn't suck at? If so, I've yet to find it.
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