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duplicate transaction downloads when updating Bank Fund Staff Federal Credit Union accounts

Quicken updates of Bank Fund Staff Federal Credit Union accounts (BFSFCU) now download duplicate transactions for previously downloaded transactions. Each update downloads all transaction from early August whether or not previously downloaded. This issue is minor at first but will make Quicken unusable for BFSFCU accounts over time.
I have looked at the downloaded transaction IDs and,starting early August, BFSFCU has been assigning a new transaction ID to every transaction on each update I have contacted Quicken Support which tell me that Quicken software cannot identify a previously downloaded transaction if it has been assigned a new transaction ID and I need to contact IT at BFSFCU. i have contacted BFSFCU whose first response is to tell me this is Quicken's problem, as BFSFCU are not responsible for third party software. I have tried to escalate the issue without success. Can Quicken Support work this out with BFSFCU?


  • NotACPA
    NotACPA SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    I've found 2 entries, in Q for BFSFCU
    Bank-Fund Staff FCU - DC    https://www.bfsfcu.org/    202-212-6400    https://www.bfsfcu.org/    ACTIVE  BANKING,ACCOUNTINFO,PAYMENT&DIRECT
    Bank-Fund Staff Federal CU WC    http://www.bfsfcu.org/    202-212-6400    https://online.bfsfcu.org/Signin.aspx    ACTIVE         BANKING&WEB-CONNECT         BANKING,CREDIT,ACCOUNTINFO&EXP-WEB-CONNECT

    Note that one uses Direct Connect to download, and the other uses either Web-Connect or Express Web Connect to download.  WHICH name are you using (do TOOLS, Account List and look in the "Financial Institution" column for this info).
    IF you're using DC, then the bank is bsing you ... as the Bank/FCU/etc is SOLELY responsible for the content of Direct Connect downloads.
    IF you're using either WC or EWC this could be either the CU's fault or Q's fault.  Have you recently changed download methods?  This can result in duplicate transactions for a brief period, particularly if you went from DC to EWC or WC to EWC.
    Q uses a a "Financial Institution Transaction ID" with each transaction to help identify duples.  For EC and WC, the credit union generates the FITID.  For EWC it could be either the CU or Q that generates the FITID.
    IF the CU is generating the FITID, they're supposed to be unique FOREVER ... and maybe the CU isn't compliant with that.
    If you changed download methods, then I'd suspect that the recent downloads are getting FITID's that haven't been seen, previously by Q, so Q doesn't realize that these transctions are dupes.

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  • will66pu
    will66pu Member ✭✭
    NotACPA -- thanks
    I changed download method from DC to EWC and that worked. The first update after changing connect method has extensive duplicates which need to be scrubbed. But no duplicates in subsequent updates with EWC.
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