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Streamline adding attachments

threeps Member ✭✭
Process to add an attachment to a transaction within the register has too many steps and clicks.

Recommendations to decrease the clicks would be:
1) I recommend changing the "Transaction Attachments" splash screen to be more focused on the add functions and less on an advertisement of the "Keep your stuff in Quicken". User has already selected that they want to add an attachment by clicking on the paper clip of the transaction they want to add an attachment to. User should not have to then click the add button again to then select "add file...", "add from scanner...", or "add from clipboard...". Adding three buttons to the splash screen instead of a drop down menu would save two clicks.
2) Would be good to allow the user to save a default scanner in the user preferences, so that the user does not have to select the scanner source every time user enters a new attachment. This would remove the "Select Source" from the workflow of adding an attachment from a scanner thereby saving another click and step in the process.
3) When the scan is complete and the user closes the scanner window, it would be better if the action selected was the "Done" button and not the help "?". This way the user can just quickly review that the scan completed properly and tap the enter key to close the "Transaction Attachments" dialog box.

These three recommendations would take little coding and save users that add attachments to their register via a file or scanner a great deal of time.
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  • Snowman
    Snowman Member ✭✭✭✭
    There is a better way.  Don't use Quicken for attachments.  The main reason is if this "feature" ever breaks for whatever reason you have no guarantee that Quicken will fix it and if they do how long that will take.  Whenever you have to access an attachment you have to run Quicken.  Finally you will greatly increase the size of your data file by doing this.

    The better way is to scan your attachments and setup a file structure to save the scans to.  For example I download and save as a PDF file all of my credit card / bank account statements. 

    The top folder in my file structure is Statements-Bank-CreditCard-Investment. Then there are folders for Bank Statements, Credit Card Statements and Investment Statements.  Under Bank Statements I have the Bank Name(s) that I get statement from.  The folders under the Bank Name are the Account type, Checking, Savings, Etc. then the next folder is Years, one folder per year for example, 2010, 2011, 2012 ...2020. 

    Under each year the statement is named.  The following format works best YYYY-MM Account name.  For example 2020-01 Account Name.  Do not use 2020-1 Account Name because they will not sort properly.  Always use a leading zero for January  thru September.

    Now when you need to access a statement you open your file structure click on the file and done.  If sound complicated at first but once setup it is a piece of cake.  I keep all my statements on an NAS local network drive that is backed up to another NAS local drive every evening.

    I have even setup shortcuts on my Task Bar so that with one click the folder with the subfolders, Bank Statements, Credit Cards, Investment Statements opens up.
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