How do I integrate Quicken Deluxe with Quick Pay?

So I have dutifully switched to Quick/Check Pay and I have a couple of issues:

1. Updating Bills: Although I check the update bills box when I do one-step update, the updated bills don't appear until several days after they are presented on the biller's website. Even if I manually ask QuickPay to update that particular bill, it doesn't happen when the bill is fresh (Yes, indeed I can download the bill from the biller's website at that time). This is a pain for me, since I have taken to paying my bills immediately as my trust level in QuickPay isn't yet where I'd like it to be.

2. Reconciling and paying credit card bills: So I reconcile my credit card from the statement that I manually downloaded from the biller's website. When I'm done, quicken asks if I'd like to pay online, but it has no way to send me to QuickPay to do that. I have to go to bills, fail to update the bill, click quickpay, and manually enter the amount to be paid. Not pretty.

So what am I missing?


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    Sounds like you've identified 2 of the several problems with the BIll Manager.  Bills amount & due date usually updates in a few days. (assuming that biller is currently still functioning). Getting the PDF of a bill can take nearly a month for some billers.  Currently there are two ways to make quick pay payments; from the B&I tab or from the register.  Again, the online biller must be set up and functioning.  If you haven't viewed the YouTube videos for windows, they can be useful.
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  • OK, thank you for your answer, which confirms my experience.
    So here are my requests for Quicken:
    1. update bills immediately when they become available
    2. Support QuickPay as an option after reconciling a credit card account
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