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  • I received a call from my bank this morning asking if a check that had been sent to a company via Quicken Check Pay was valid since it had no signature. This is a problem!
    I called a Quicken agent to report this and during the conversation she told me that if I wanted more than 6 checks from Check Pay each month it would cost extra. I could have 15 checks for $10.00 each month. Most of my payee accounts have no login capabilities and will need to be paid using Quicken Check Pay if I continue using Bill Manager. I will need to pay about $1.00 for each check written past the 6 check limit. The agent could not even tell me how I would arrange payment for the additional checks.
    Bill Manager is not ready for roll out and here we are at September 10, 2020 but it is clear that Quicken is not interested in online bill pay for its customers. Very sad!
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    If you want to continue schedule online payments from within Quicken using online payees like you did with Quicken Bill Pay, I suggest you consider using one of the more than 500 financial institutions that support online bill payment using the Direct Connect connection method. 

    Otherwise, I suggest you consider most online billers may be set to automatically charge a credit card or withdraw from a checking account and most financial institution provide free bill pay services. 
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