Add an account type of 457 (Q Mac)

My wife works in the state government and has a deferred compensation plan. This account is not supported for automatic downloads, so I have to manage it manually, but I would at least like to be able to select the correct account type, which is 457(b).
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    Not sure what you mean -
    We have a 403b account with Fidelity -
    and we download it directly via One Step Update.
    However - it is a totally DIFFERENT website and account name for Quicken vs the norml Fidelity website.
    SO - What is the name of the account holding company -
    so we can see if they offer Quicken support ... has nothing to do with type of acct.

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  • You're referring to Fidelity NetBenefits. That's the site that Fidelity uses for their Workplace Retirement Accounts. My issue is not necessarily with the automatic downloads. I was just venting my frustration that my account is not supported for automatic downloads. I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but I was pointing out that Quicken doesn't seem to support 457(b) accounts at all, so maybe that's why my account can't be linked.

    My suggestion is simply to add 457(b) to the account types list.
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    My suggestion is simply to add 457(b) to the account types list.
    It seems to me that for the things Quicken does, a 457(b) is functionally the same as a 401(k). Quicken doesn't deal with the tax intricacies, such as when there is or is not an early-withdrawal penalty, contribution limits, etc. For tracking purposes in Quicken, I'd think selecting the account type as 401(k) would work perfectly fine for a 457(b) account.
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