Bill Reminders Shown on Graph

I wanted to warn others that there is a bug related to not showing bill reminders correctly on the Projected Balances graph. While the amount shows up correctly and at the preassigned time, the account balance from which the bill is projected to come from doesn't reduce the account balance and correspondingly, the graph does not change. This is a serious problem for all of us who depend on the graph for heading off the problem of overdrawing funds available in the account. Deleting and re-adding the billing account, in this case my credit card, resolved the problem. Best to double check all projected bills until Quicken can find a fix.


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    Can you tell us which program & version you are using (Help, About Quicken)?  Also, are you saying the bill shows correctly in the list of upcoming bills but does not affect the payment account balance?  Is there a corresponding node on the graph & if so what does it show?  It should display the bill amount and the balance adjustment/

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    The issue isn't new.  I have found toggling the Combine Bills, Income & Transfers preference off and on coerces Quicken to temporarily correct the Projected Balances view: select Edit > Preferences...

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