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Adding & Deleting Transaction Attachments Change

sleepwiner2 Member
After the R28.28 update when adding an attachment it shows downloading to the cloud with a cloud icon. I only use Quicken on my laptop and not mobile/web. My sync to cloud is OFF. So I have to now go to each individual attachment and select "delete from cloud only". It seems if you have sync to cloud OFF, there should be no downloading to the cloud. In addition, I called customer support because there are no longer the 3 dots to delete the transaction. After deleting from the cloud, the cloud icon appears black and I couldn't even see it because the background is black until the customer service rep said to look close and i got a magnifying glass to distinguish the black cloud icon from the black background for deletion. I think if people are not using the cloud that the transaction attachments should only be added to the cloud if the sync to the cloud option is turned ON. Furthermore, if I have to live with deleting every attachment from the cloud every time I add them, then please change the cloud color to something else besides black on black background so they are visible.
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