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I can not sucessfully complete a "One Step Update"

It's been about a year now since I last asked for help on this matter. To say I was not treated kindly minimizes the answers I received. However, I'm a a glutton for punishment, so why not try again. A year or so ago when USAA Financial Services Bank altered their sign in procedure to include obtaining a special code via text. Since then I have been unable to update using the one step link. The response has always been, and continues to be that my ID and/or PW are incorrect. This is not the case. It is the one time code system that USAA initiated that Quicken is encountering. My question then, as it still is, has Quicken developed a way to deal with this? To be more direct - how can I effectively use the One Step Update system Quicken has with my USAA Financial Services Bank?

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  • TexBob35
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    Thanks for the response, I'll try again later today.
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