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Upgrading from Quicken Premier to Quicken Home & Business

I have a multi-year history of my personal finances in Quicken Premier - everything up to date with the Program Revisions and no "bad stuff" happening in my files database (I do a backup and then run "Validate" EVERY TIME I conclude using Quicken and go backwards to previously saved "good" version if a problem appears). I am now considering to start doing my small business accounting in Quicken in place of QuickBooks whose features I only use a little of versus the expense. Can I just buy and install Quicken Home & Business with my existing personal history files being read in correctly - and then start implementing my small business accounting?

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  • UKRUKR SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Last time I looked ... a long while ago ...

    There is no direct conversion tool to convert Quickbooks to Quicken for Windows.

    For instructions on how to convert some elements of your Quickbooks company file please read and follow instructions here:


    Quicken on the Mac does not have any of the small business features available with Quicken for Windows.

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