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Update Bills vs Update All vs Refresh Bill

Near as I can tell there are 3 ways to get Quicken Bills page to refresh with the current bill. One Step Update has a check box that says "Update Bills". Did that. No updates.
In Bill tab there is a circular arrow "Update All". Did that. No updates.
For each biller row there is an Action in the drop down called Refresh Bill. Did that for each one. Got 3 new bills out of 10 billers. Each one takes about 60 seconds (very slow).

So I don't get it. What is the point of Update Bills in One Step Update and Update All in the Bills tab??

I guess the proper way to use Bill Pay is now to spend 10 minutes manually "Refreshing" each biller. Then do One Step Update (guess this should be renamed now) for register and stock quotes?

FWIW my local water bill has now for the 3rd month refreshed with the completely incorrect due date (tomorrow, not 4 weeks from now). And Quicken, being smarter than me, has decided that I am not allowed to schedule it any more than 7 days past the incorrect due date. Because hey, who should decide when I pay my bills? Apparently not the customer.

I really hope someone from Quicken reads these forums. I happen to be at work today and Quicken came up at the end of a meeting. Literally 5 people with no prompting from me (believe it or not) discussing the deterioration of what was once such an incredibly awesome product.


  • Sherlock
    Sherlock SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    I suspect Update Bills and Update All simply pulls data from the aggregation server where as Refresh Bill coerces the aggregation server to query the online biller.
  • Larry4
    Larry4 Member ✭✭✭
    Same issues here, have to manually update the billers that I know are coming due to get anything. Even that doesn't work for the Citi Costco account which will not update and will not pay on the scheduled date. Not allowing a payment to be scheduled on a future date is particularly bad when I know the amount and date but cannot pay it because the Quicken biller isn't updating. This has been an issue for me for ~3 weeks, I've opened a Support case which is still unresolved.
  • I have multiple problems with the bills tab. Many of the online bills say "awaiting next bill" but if I go to the biller's web site the bill is there. I tried to add a credit card from Capital One and Quicken tells me "successfully added but awaiting the next bill". When I go into my checking account and click on "Manage Bills and Income" the correct bill amount and due date is shown. For other bills shown in the "Manage Bills and Income" an incorrect amount is shown, usually the amount of a past bill payment. Thus one of the most important Quicken features is unreliable. For a few bills everything works fine but to be sure, every time I get a bill reminder I have to go to the biller's website to confirm due date and amount.
  • k3lavine
    k3lavine Member ✭✭
    Thank you for the info on One Step Update | Update Bills, and the circular arrow Update All. My experience the Refresh Bill from the individual biller drop down to be hit and miss, and take a long time. So I hesitated to use Update All and get stuck for a long time. Even when a Refresh Bill does not retrieve the latest bill, I am able to use the information I receive via billers emails or website to enter amount due and future due date in Quick Pay and Check Pay. I mistakenly thought I had to successfully retrieve a bill before being able to pay it. So now I just use the normal bill notifications I get from billers and don't bother with Refresh Bill.
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