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Processing New Transactions

In the past, we have downloaded our transactions, processed them by assigning categories, etc, and then set the cleared flag to blank. That way we knew we had processed the transactions, and then when we went to reconcile, clicked on Mark All and the account was reconciled. Now, if the cleared flag is cleared, the transaction will "match" with incoming transactions. this is ok, but i would like a way to know that newly downloaded transactions haven't been processed yet. Would it be possible to select multiple transactions and "flag" them? or auto assign a flag on download?
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  • Chris_QPW
    Chris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    The c/clear is to indicate that they transaction has cleared the financial institution, and since you are downloading them, clearly that has already happened, and so the c/cleared shouldn't be touched.

    Quicken has two flows for accepting/reviewing transactions.

    The first is automatic transaction entry mode.  In this mode the transactions go directly into the register, but they also have the status of either New or New Matched (Expand the Status/blue dot column to see the text in addition to the icons).

    This looks like this:

    And so it is the New/blue dot that is used for indicating that it has been processed/reviewed.  You can click on the New status and you will get this menu.

    Selecting the first one will clear the New status for that one transaction.  You can also review all the transactions and then just use the Mark all as reviewed to do them all at once.  Note that if you edit a transaction that will also clear the New status.

    Another flow is to review all the transactions to make sure they are correct and then do a reconcile.  All the transactions that you reconcile will also have the New/New Match status cleared.

    The other flow is to turn off automatic entry mode and then the transactions go through the Downloaded Transactions tab.  And you should then select them one at a time in the Downloaded Transactions tab verify they are correct, and accept them into the register.  This by its nature is accepting/processing the transaction.

    The automatic transaction entry mode is controlled with the two preferences (one for non investment accounts, and one for investment accounts) at:
    Edit -> Preferences -> Downloaded transactions (first two check boxes)

    You can also override this option on an account by account basis on the Online Services tab in the account details.
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