Using both Checking Account and Credit Card Account Reminders in Bill Manager

I have been using some checking account and credit card account reminders before I started using Bill Manager but for some reason, I am finding it challenging using both at the same time in Bill Manager.

It seems that there is not a filter on Bill Manager to select just one of these types of reminders.

Does anyone have any suggestion for making this easier to manage the two different types of payment reminders? Or, is there a better option than using reminders on credit card payments?


  • jrich75
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    It would help if you'd provide the program version and build you are currently using (Help, About Quicken).  The most recent update provided several improvements that would affect some answers.  Also, I'm a bit unclear on the "types" you are referring to.
    Are you trying to distinguish between reminders using specific types of payment accounts (check or credit card).  If so, I still prefer to use the Bill & Income Reminder list which shows the default payment account for each reminder.  I know that is difficult to determine if you are just looking at the B&I tab biller list.  If you are trying to make a different type of distinction, maybe you could provide some examples.
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    Hi jrich75,

    Sorry I omitted this earlier: Using Premier, build

    1. You are correct. By type I was referring to type of payment account: check or credit card.

    2. I certainly understand you wanting to continue to use B&I Reminders. I guess I will probably do the same and hope that Quicken adds some more useful functionality to Bill Manager. And, also, provided some detailed documentation regarding it's intended use.

    I certainly miss Quicken detailed documentation that was one time provided through manuals. I wouldn't even mind paying a price for a good third party detailed electronic Quicken Manual.

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