Would anyone benefit, as I would, in being able to turn on invoice payment received upon entry ?

We receive payment when the service is delivered. The program is a two step operation in order to credit the customer for payment. On top of this there is not a feature in the payment section that takes you back to a new invoice. Prefer to credit customer with payment while entering invoice without going to a new screen. This would save a lot of time.
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  • kevinarant
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    I run a payment received at time of sale business. I therefore do not send out statements. But I do enter invoices in order to track sales and having the ability to not have to take an extra step to credit payment would save me a lot of time.
  • kevinarant
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    To have a box on the the same page we enter invoices, to check as paid would be great.
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  • UKR
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    I believe, this Idea can be marked as implemented, at least for users of the current Q 2021 Subscription version.
    As you enter invoice data on the New Customer Invoice dialog form, a "Receive Payment" button activates.
    When you're done entering invoice data, click this button. The invoice saves and a Payment dialog pops up.
    Please don't ask when that button was introduced ... I missed it myself, not being a daily user of the Business feature of Quicken.

  • Greg_the_Geek
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    FWIW, as a long time user of H&B, that button has been there for as long as I can remember and I started using H&B in 2003.
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