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Is there any hidden feature to see downloaded transaction description once it's been accepted?


(I assume there is not but just wanted to see if I might luck out)

When I get downloaded transactions from (for example, Wells Fargo) my bank, in the Downloaded Transactions pane under "Payee", the transactions (in addition to the transaction title like "ATM Withdrawal") include a description such as the address and time I was at that ATM.

New 9/18/2020 ATM Withdrawal / 09/17 369 W MAIN STR RENO NV 0078E 6814 $25.00

After I have accepted this downloaded transaction and matched it to my register, is that Payee text, by any chance, saved anywhere along with the cleared transaction in the quicken register? (I was hoping to get back and see the "369 W MAIN STR RENO" information)

For downloaded bank transfers, quicken includes and displays the memo text I typed in on wellsfargo.com when I did the transfer. I was hoping to get back to that text.

Was thinking perhaps, by some chance, quicken kept that squirreled away somewhere ala the posting date trick where you can <cntrl> Copy Transaction and get that popup to display additional information about the download.

Seems obvious that quicken doesn't save this information that I want and just discards it once the transaction has been accepted, but just thought I'd check with the experts here and see if I might luck out.


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  • JoJo&Romeo
    JoJo&Romeo Member ✭✭
    Thanks to all you who poked in here and took a gander at this. (can see at least 15 views)

    I'm just going to give my question a final bump here to just double-check that no one who might have insight into this missed it.

    I take it, since no one spoke up, that it's pretty much certain that quicken doesn't save that description data (that comes down with a downloaded transaction) anywhere, once the downloaded transaction has been accepted and cleared out, right?

    Just would be very useful for me to get back to as some reference data, if it does happen to be squirreled away somewhere that I could access.

    Thanks again!
  • JoJo&Romeo
    JoJo&Romeo Member ✭✭
    Hi Hugh - thanks, yes, that's just what I needed!
  • JoJo&Romeo
    JoJo&Romeo Member ✭✭
    I'd like to mark Hugh's response above as an accepted answer, but I don't see anywhere that I can do that.
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