Display "Linked Reminder Date" when "Awaiting Next Bill"

Summary: Display the "Due Date" from the linked reminder when Quicken does not yet have or is unable to retrieve the current bill & bill details from a biller.

Issue/Justification/Use Case: When a bill is unable to be retrieved (e.g. Citi https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7880962/new-9-17-2020-citi-online-biller#latest), customers have no visibility to upcoming due date, it simply indicates "Awaiting Next Bill" even though there is a bill due and an upcoming due date.

Details: With the new BIll Manager, Quicken downloads bills from third-parties. When this works, it's extremely useful and paying bills is easy.

The challenge comes when it doesn't work which unfortunately, is more frequent than one would expect. As an example, there is a current issue with Citi where bills cannot be currently updated.

In these situations, Quicken customers have bills and those bills have due dates and not paying a bill by its due date could have disastrous consequences on an individuals credit score.

Currently, when a bill can't be retrieved from a biller, Quicken displays "Awaiting Next Bill." However, that bill might not be able to be retrieved but Quicken provides no way to know the bill is due even though it couldn't be retrieved.

Recommendation: When a bill is not available (for any reason), display the "Linked Reminder Due Date" with an asterix so that customers know they have a bill coming due even if Quicken can't retrieve the bill. The asterix designates that the information is NOT directly from the biller to differentiate when the date & amount are from the biller and when they are not.

Workaround: Customers are forced to track all their bills in their heads or in a separate piece of software in order to avoid missing a bill because Quicken isn't able to retrieve a bill despite one being due.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and finding a solution to this critical issue.
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  • spiderman
    spiderman Member ✭✭
    I have several accounts set up as online billers that never update and some that do. Why it works for some and not for others is a mystery. Frankly this seems more of a problem than in the past. Makes me wonder why I am paying for a subscription for a programs that does not work as well as it did in the past!
  • jackieB
    jackieB Member
    I have more than one account like Citi that that cannot be accessed through Quicken. One is the bank that I use to pay bills. I can pay other bills but cannot pay my bank loans via quicken. Since it is a local credit Union, they hinted that it will be a very long time before the account will be fixed. (probably NEVER)