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New Ideas

Selecting new idea displays only the following categories to choose from. Mostly MAC, No windows, no other category


  • Greg_the_Geek
    Greg_the_Geek SuperUser, Windows Beta ✭✭✭✭✭
    Quicken Subscription HBRP - Windows 10
  • jadiegiorgis
    jadiegiorgis Windows Beta Beta
    This is when trying to add a New Idea.  Go into Recent Discussions.  Choose New Idea.  The dropdown for categories doesn't show anything for Windows.
  • UKR
    UKR SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Looks like a recent Community website change to me. The Category list appears to have been filtered to only include the Ideas categories.
    When I start a new Idea post, my list of Categories includes the Windows - related subcategories, but not the ones for Mac or Mobile.
    The same appears when trying to start a new Discussion. Primarily Windows - related categories appear in my list.
    I get the feeling that someone has rewritten the selection code logic to make it only include categories which apply to the software type selected in the user's profile. I'm primarily a Q Windows user, but I still should have access to Mac, Mobile, Web, etc. categories if I ever need to post on that side of the house.
    Somebody needs to rethink that logic ...
  • smayer97
    smayer97 SuperUser, Mac Beta, Canada Beta ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited November 2020
    I think something has gotten messed up with the overall access...

    I can reply to messages, and I can create new posts BUT ONLY my signed up Beta areas AND the Lounge BUT NOWHERE else.... 

    Scratch that... I CAN post in other places too BUT I can NO LONGER post in ANY MAC IDEA categories... 

    Either way, it looks like access privileges are getting messed up
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