How does a quick pay schedule recurring payment work in Quicken Win10

If I schedule a recurring payment using Quick Pay/Check Pay, How does that work? It appears that a transaction appears in the register but nothing is actually scheduled to send a payment to the recipient.

If I do nothing in the register, will the QuickPay/ CheckPay transaction be actually sent on the scheduled payment date (or before)?


  • jrich75
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    What is in the check # column in the register?  Is there a status link as well?
    If you haven't done so, it may be good to watch the videos about making a Quick Pay or a Check Pay payment:

    Also, you say recurring payment.  You can set up a recurring reminder but I don't believe you can actually set up a Quick Pay that automatically repeats.
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  • John Nastasi
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    ok, that is what I thought. Another downgrade from QuickenBillPay... So a recurring payment is not a payment but a recurring reminder that has to be processed manually. Not Good!