"Bill and reminders, show graph" for any/all spending accounts.

When I look at "Bill and Income Reminders" I can check the box "show graph" to see a graph at the bottom. Even though I have reminders for both my checking account and credit cards I can only select the checking account to display a graph.

Many of my bills are paid by credit card, as pulled by the various payees auto-pay options.

So, please allow us to show this chart for credit cards as well.
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  • davidlambert
    davidlambert Canada Beta Beta
    I've not ever had the graph turned on but for someone who uses it, I can see that being a nuisance.
  • davidlambert
    davidlambert Canada Beta Beta
    I just checked and above the graph there is a drop-down list-box that allows me to select 'Multiple accounts' and then pick and choose which accounts are displayed.
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