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So today, I went to pay my credit card bill for Chase which is due tomorrow. For some unknown reason, the online biller Chase dropped off the list of my bills to be paid even though I used it last month to pay the bill. Fortunately the manual reminder was still in the desktop software, so I had a flag before the bill was due. I again added Chase as a biller, and sure enough it populated into the list of online billers again and came up with an amount to be paid by tomorrow. Trouble is, the amount to be paid according to Quicken is different than the amount owed according to the last statement! Something is not right here.. Anyone else having this problem??


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    Hi @""Paul Smith2"

    If the suggested payment amount is less than the last statement amount, it is possible that you returned an item for a credit since the bill date.  Could that be the difference you are seeing?


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    It would probably be best to go online to the biller and verify the amount rather than rely on Quicken.  Also, when you are online you should be able to initiate the payment directly yourself.  That's the way QuickPay does it when they initiate the payment and your payment account should already be set up if you've used QuickPay before.
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    Thanks to both for the quick response... The amount Quicken suggested I pay was more than the last billed period -- so it wasn't a missing payment. Paying on the bank website is beginning to look like the only reliable payment mechanism. I'm not happy with the new Quicken Bill Pay system...
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    If you look on your Chase website - credit card section -
    you will see which amounts can be paid....
    the Statement Due, the Current Balance Due, etc  -

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