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Offer an option that will auto enter the linked bill reminder when the online bill is received.

Quicken offer an option that will auto enter the bill reminder when the online bill is received. Right now, I have to turn off the "Auto enter" feature in the Bill Reminder. Otherwise, it will enter the reminder in the register with an old/incorrect dollar amount. I have to wait for the new bill to be received. But I want that bill to trigger the reminder, and Auto enter into the register. The reason is: I have my utility bill set to "Auto Pay" using the utility web site. I do not use Quicken to pay that bill. The great thing about the Online Biller is the amount gets adjusted automatically each month for bills that change month to month. (Utilities and such). Then when the transaction is downloaded from the bank, it will (hopefully) match, and I just click "Accept".
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  • jrich75jrich75 Member ✭✭✭✭
    I have to wonder how this would impact users who use Quick Pay to make payment.  I guess it depends on how the new entry method works with the QuickPay and CheckPay options.  They would somehow need to be reflected in to the auto entry process.  I have a couple coming up soon for manual billers so maybe I'll find out.
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  • Randy 415Randy 415 Windows Beta Beta
    I suspect it's just a reminder for the register. The Quick Pay/Check Pay seems to be a separate but integrated process. Sorry, I'm not real familiar with QP and CP as I do not find it a useful tool, and do not use it. I use Direct Connect with a participating FI.
  • jrich75jrich75 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited September 2020
    This is what the new Enter dropdown menu for reminders looks like (current version).

    You only get the QuickPay if the reminder is linked to an online bill.  So I'm waiting to see how the requirement to select a payment method when entering a reminder will affect the Auto enter process and setup.

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