Quicken error message Cannot open source file. failed to back up, save data file.

Running latest version of Quicken, 9/27/2020. Win operating sys 10 pro, latest version updated. Quicken operated great. No problem backup to external HD or One Drive. Then I downloaded and installed Dropbox. Quicken failed to save data file. Quicken failed to back up data file to my external HD or Dropbox or One drive on my New PC.

My temp solution. I uninstalled Drop Box. Then I had to manually reinsert all data.

Without Dropbox installed, Quicken then backed up the data file to One Drive and my external HD. Without Drop Box installed Quicken is backing up the data file with out error.

Error messages when Drop Box is installed: Quicken cannot open source file another file is running in background. Surprising this error occurred with the latest update with Quicken.

My older PC , win 10 pro OS, latest version, September 2020. The most Recent, Quicken update was not installed. Quicken data file works with Drop Box. No error messages when backing up to Drop Box. What is the conflict with Quickens latest version and Drop Box!


  • Chris_QPW
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    Where are you storing the data file that you are opening?
    It shouldn't be in any of the folders under Dropbox.

    You can put the backups there, but not the one that you open.
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
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  • Sherlock
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    There are a number of file operations performed by Quicken (including backup) during which Quicken temporarily closes the Quicken file.  This provides a brief window allowing another program (like Dropbox) to open the Quicken file and prevent Quicken from reopening the Quicken file.  Note: The amount between when Quicken closes the Quicken File and attempts to reopen the Quicken file varies but typically increases with an increase in the size of the Quicken file.  

    To prevent the issue with Dropbox, we may pause the Dropbox sync when we access the Quicken file, we may configure Dropbox to ignore the Quicken folder, or we may move the Quicken file to a folder that is not maintained by Dropbox.