Why would a Previous Balance Change?

My last Statement Balanced and I have the Reconciliation Report. Between then and now, my Previous Balance has changed on the Reconcile Details page. What would have caused this and how do I rectify it?


  • Sherlock
    Sherlock SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    The beginning balance of a reconcile is the total of the transactions marked as Reconciled.   If the beginning balance is incorrect, a Reconciled transaction has been added, removed, or modified.  

    To determine what changed, I suggest you compare the running balance of the account register with the running balance of the account register from a data file backup you saved before the issue appeared.  

    There are a variety of ways to compare the account registers.  The approach I use is to print the sorted account registers to text files (open an account, press Ctrl + P, set the date range, select Print, and choose Export to: and select Text file from the pull-down menu and Export).  I then use a text file comparison tool to quickly locate the differences between the files.

    It is important to verify the registers are sorted appropriately and there aren’t any unexpected filters being applied:  select the Date column header (you want the small triangle to right of Date to point up) and Reset.