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DL and install new bill pay files without clearing 'Downloaded Transactions'

I need to update my Quicken and install the new files/procedures/routines to be used for bill payment activities.
I was ill this summer and fell behind on Downloading Transactions and processing Bill and Income Reminders. I have several hundred transactions and reminders which I've not processed.
Do I need to do bring this up to date before doing the switch to the new procedures, or should I move to the new bill management files and then work through the reminders?
I'm just not sure which to do first.

Thank you,

I'm running Microsoft 365.

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  • Peggy103
    Peggy103 Member ✭✭
    Hi Julio, thanks for taking the time to help me with my problem.

    Unfortunately, my paperwork has also been neglected. I paid my bills using Q for reference, going online to see my latest statements and then paying online. So my paper records are basically unopened bills. I was hoping you'd say setting up Bill Manager :blush:
    Although I guess I have been regularly downloading and installing any updates without giving it much thought. It's just when I came upon this major change that I had second thoughts.
    And I did have a loss of data recently which I was lucky enough to be able to fix by running a recent backup. Obviously I had all those unapplied entries then. Perhaps that was caused by running a one-step backup. duh
    It will take me a week probably to get my paperwork caught up and make sure I'm not missing or duplicating anything and making it worse.
    But I want to do it the best way.
    I'll wait to hear from you, and meanwhile start working on my paperwork.

    Thank you for answering,
    running Quicken R27.1.29.12
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