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One Step Update Summary Correct. Not updating Sallie Mae Register Quicken Build. I have four CDs and one Savings account at Sallie Mae Bank.

One Step Update summary shows 5 accounts updated. OSU summary also correctly shows Online Balances and says 0 New Transactions updated. My Sallie Mae accounts are set up for Express Web Connect. I get no errors when performing OSU.

However on my Windows 10 machine, deposits and interest payments for September are not showing up in the Account Registers.

And my Quicken Account Balances are not reflecting the Sallie Mae Online Balances that OSU accurately accounts for.

I've Reset Accounts on Sallie Mae several times. I've run OSU twice back to back. I've renamed and rebuilt my Runtime.dat file.

The only thing I haven't tried ... because I have years of entries on all five Sallie Mae accounts ... is Deactivating and Reactivating online setup. I've done this on other accounts and can't cope with having to deal with duplicate entries in my existing accounts.

I'm not a Quicken newby ... I've been using Quicken for more than 10 years. But for the life of me, I can't figure this out.

It seems that past Sallie Mae (and other Banks and credit cards) download issues have been blamed back and forth between Quicken and the banks or credit cards.

But since OSU summary is correctly seeing my Online Account balances ... I'm stumped. I would think Quicken would realize my Quicken's Sallie Mae account balances aren't reflecting the Online Balances.

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  • Mark Wagner
    Mark Wagner Member ✭✭
    I have two Sallie Mae MM accounts and am having the same issue. No error messages but the latest transactions do not download. I have done a reset and also did a deactivate/reactivate. Everything seems to complete normally and I receive no error messages but the latest transaction do not download.
  • todwatts
    todwatts Member ✭✭
    Hi Mark! Sorry you're having the same problem ... but glad I'm not alone. I'm wondering how we let Quicken know. It's going to be a real PIA to manually update all my Sallie Mae Accounts. If I'm doing that, I don't really need to be subscribing to Quicken.
  • PJS Finance
    PJS Finance Member ✭✭
    Any headway on this? I got a download on the 26th but that is the only day this month and issues have returned.
  • todwatts
    todwatts Member ✭✭
    I, too, am experiencing this Sallie Mae downloading issue again.

    My 4 CD's and one savings account failed to update, with interest posted the end of October. I reset the account ... Quicken found and instructed me to link 2 cds.

    But then Quicken said something about the remaining three Sallie Mae Bank items to the effect of "not supported in the type." Along with words to the effect of the "Quicken does not support downloads from this type of brokage account. Suggest you disable from one step update."

    What the ????. Where the heck did Quicken come up with Brokage account when all five accounts are clearly listed as coming from Sally Mae Bank. This is NOT A BROKAGE ACCOUNT!!! Never has been. Never will be.

    I've had these five Sallie Mae accounts for years. Quicken has successfully downloaded and update these ffive Sallie Mae Bank accounts via One Step Update.

    And now the QUICKEN/Sally Mae Bank is all screwed up.

    I personally don't care whether it's Sallie Mae Bank's fault. Or if it is Quicken's fault.

    If Quicken doesn't actively work to understand and fix the problem, I'm going back to tracking and balancing my finances in spreadsheets.

    This is ridiculous that downloading account information is a continuing problem in 2020.
  • I'm experiencing problems with Sallie Mae as well.. has there been any word about resolving this issue? I'm in agreeance with Todwatts .. the software isn't worth the money if accounts have to be updated manually. Excel works just fine for that.
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