How do I know if I have the right Synchrony Financial account?

Synchrony manages multiple credit accounts. I have accounts with CareCredit and Amazon Prime Card. How do I know which account is set up in Quicken? Each account has a different password and I used the Amazon password. I won't know until a bill is available in Quicken.



  • Tom Young
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    "Each account has a different password..."
    If you have multiple credit card accounts with Synchrony and each has a different password, then the password you use when you establish the Account in Quicken determines which account at Synchrony Quicken will find. 
    So if you used your Synchrony User ID and the Amazon Prime Card password, then the only account at Synchrony Quicken can find using that combination would be the Amazon credit card.
    In Quicken, make sure the Account's name reflects that, i.e., make sure the word "Amazon" is included in the Account's name.  Also, if you look at the Account Details for the Account after you've connected it to Synchrony you'll see some or all of the account's number listed there.  These are the same numbers as shown on that particular credit card.

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