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How do I get Discover to download my accounts to Quicken with a single Discover password?

Discover just forced me to start using a single password to access their services. I used to have separate passwords for credit card and online bank, but now I just have a single password. Quicken doesn't seem to be able to handle this change! I've tried deactivating the accounts and re-enabling them, but Quicken only sees my credit card now - no banking. It keeps asking for my bank password and then never presents an entry popup to enter it. How do I get Quicken to use a single password for the two different Discover accounts? Thanks!

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  • Ducksoup_SDDucksoup_SD Member ✭✭
    > @Studpup said:
    > I had to deactivate all my accounts (2 cards and savings account), erase the Financial Institution and Account Numbers fields to all 3, then activated the savings account with Discover Bank, and the two cards with Discover Card Account Center using the one account and password that gets you into the web site to see all 3 accounts. 

    Thank you for your help!!! I activated a CD, online savings, and credit card using only Discover Bank (didn't have to do the credit card separately as you apparently did). All three came up and I was able to link them to the correct Quicken accounts. I'm glad you spent the time to figure this out - thanks again!
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