Bill Reminders skipping months for mortgage

This was brought up in a long thread which was closed with many people not having a solution.

The issue I was experiencing was my mortgage bill reminder would automatically advance 1 month beyond the current due date. For example, setting the next "payment due date" in the loan details or the payment reminder to 10/1/2020, quicken would immediately change it to 11/1/2020. This had reportedly been fixed in prior updates long ago but I still experienced the issue despite always updating to the current release.

What I noticed was that many of my older (several years ago) mortgage payment transactions were recorded in the payment account with categories "Home:Mortgage:Principal" with the loan account (under payment details) showing balance adjustment transactions with the category as a transfer back into the loan account (like [loan account]) but many of my more recent transactions from the last several years had the principal payment setup as transfers from the payment account into the loan account.

When I went through and deleted the old balance adjustment/self transfer transactions and changed the categories on the old payment account transactions from "Home:Mortgage:Principal" to a transfer to the loan account, the payment reminder stopped automatically advancing.

I had set all these up using loan account wizards and may have at some point adjusted the payment reminder along the way using these same wizards. I wonder if these setup/configuration wizards changed the categories for tracked payments along the way.

Nevertheless, this fixed the problem for me without having to delete and recreate my entire mortgage account with tons of transactions as many had previously suggested to do.

Hope this helps someone!
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