transaction download altered a closed account

I've got an odd bug. It appears that two downloaded MiscExp transactions from an active JP Morgan investment account somehow overwrote the final two security sales in a CLOSED Optum HSA investment account. Completely unrelated transactions, no clue how these JPMorgan transactions showed up in the HSA.

The overwritten transactions were SoldX transactions, with the proceeds transferred to a corresponding HSA cash account (also now closed). What is really weird is that the receiving "half" of the transaction (in the closed cash account) is correct! If I right-click and "go to matching transfer" it brings me to the errant MiscExp transactions in the closed investment account which have completely different values and securities involved.

As a result, I now have phantom "extra" securities with non-zero value in an account that I've closed. To not impact my net worth calculation I treat this account as "separate" in Quicken -- but it's driving me nuts that the history records are wrong. Is there any way to re-open a closed account to fix this? Anyone seen weird things like this before?


  • drcox
    drcox Member
    Currently on version R29.16 of Quicken Premier 2020 (Windows), but hard to tell what version I was on when the issue started. The victim account was closed in October 2017, and the errant transactions were from 12/13/2019. I'm pretty religious about updating and downloading, so the Quicken version in mid-Dec 2019 is probably what I was using. But, it's also not obvious whether the initial transaction download created the problem, or whether subsequent account activity, Quicken update, etc. triggered this.
  • Mark1104
    Mark1104 Member ✭✭✭✭
    do you have a backup copy from just prior to when this occurred? reload that
    have you tried to do a validate and repair? 
    even if the account is closed, I think you can still go into the register and manually fix the issue.
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