BillManager a disappointment

Have used Quicken since 1990's. Quicken Bill Pay worked fine for me Bill Manager does not.
1. Vendors that Quicken indicated would work with QuickPay, do not e.g. USAA
2. Several vendors that worked in September do not work in October without first removing the vendor and then setting them up again, e.g. AMX
3. Most Check Pay vendors are receiving their checks nearly two weeks after they were mailed - Bill Pay about 5 days.
4. Bill Pay was paying 14 of my vendors electronically, so far I can only pay 4 vendors with QuickPay

I made the decision to use Bill Manager thinking that all vendors that had accepted electronic payment with Bill Pay would also do so with Bill Manager. If not, then number of paper checks much higher that anticipated.


  • I have a CPA background and have decided the effort trying to use the new Bill Manager just isn't worth the wasted time. I also have used Quicken since the 90s or very early days.

    Even without a useable bill pay I still value and will continue with Quicken. I am self employed with a huge amount of business and personal bills and have used Turbo tax for decades for a fairly complex tax return.

    I solve the bill pay issue as follows:
    My bank - Midfirst - has a very good bill pay system and on the account page shows balance and pending and paid bill pay transactions. If I had tight cash flow I would have to rely on this to be sure I have enough cash in checking. But I am fortunate enough I immediately pay ahead of time whenever a bill comes in so it clears within a day and gets downloaded into Quicken. However, if cash flow is a concern it is very easy to check what Quicken shows and I have a fast shortcut to bank to see what is still pending if I didn't pay immediately and had set a future date.

    I get bills both my email notification and paper as I want to be sure never pay anything late as I am trying to maintain my 800+ credit scores.

    After the 2008 era crash I was on the verge of bankruptcy with debts from real estate investments resulting in debts beyond the Chap 7 limits. I have struggled back to get good credit score and all the bads now in the past which is one reason I am so concerned about keeping it and never being late - in fact always early payments.

    I just refinanced a mortgage from 5.125% to 2.5% now that I have good credit although home in Phoenix is barely up to what I paid for it in 2007 in the pre-crash bubble. I bought it above list price in a bidding war the first week on the market (Frank Lloyd wright Like overlooking North Phoenix)
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    Dave - thx for your response. Question - when you use your bank's pay system, how do you get that information loaded into Quicken having to enter info (payee, amount, payee, etc) manually. Thanks. jto
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    jto & Dave - I echo your sentiments. Quicken BillManagr is a complete disaster. I have payments that have yet to reach their destinations and the vendors are threatening to cut off service. The old Quicken BillPay had an on-time guarantee. They paid late charges but I never had to ask for that. It was a great service. I haven't seen anything close to the old level of service and all I get from Quicken Support is "Oh, we're hearing that from a lot of people." DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, QUICKEN!!! I have used Quicken since Quicken II in the 1990s. You're about to lose a long term customer. I need better help than I'm getting.
  • jto - Since I pay from my bank it shows up as soon as pay in the banks download to Quicken. So I do not manual entry anything. If you don't pay bills immediately as I usually do before due, would have to look at bank balance in Quicken and consider upcoming payments shown at Bank.

    Was easier with old bill pay system since would show scheduled future payments in Qk bank registry. But new way seems far easier than dealing with the problems and extra steps of new bill pay.
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    I received notice today that the annual charge for Quicken Premier will be increasing by $3.

    I received my second "Payment Failed/Canceled" email last week. The most recent failed payment is supposedly because the biller will not accept my bank's checking account number blah blah. Of course, it DOES accept this checking account as payment, because I had to manually make an online payment with it, and had to manually include the LATE FEE incurred as a result of this "failed payment." I imagine the "failed payment" is because Quicken now pretends to be me and tries to login and pay exactly the same way I do, except it's automated, and my biller uses security measures to protect against robo logins. So, yeah, I am definitely not going to pay more for a software that has stepped back 20 years and seriously downgraded the user experience, and I am moving on.

    A few other things I'm particularly fed up with regarding the most recent "new and improved" - The user interface is clumsy, cluttered, poorly integrated with the register, and extremely unorganized. The bill "manager" feature is unreliable, inefficient, user "unfriendly", unintuitive, and requires too much time and too many steps to accomplish what was previously a quick, two-click operation. Updating transactions from my bank is hit and miss, bills are not downloaded in a timely matter (if at all), drop downs have far too many items, terms/labels are ambiguous.

    Some payments now incur fees because Bill Manger pretends to be me, using my credentials to log into the biller website. If you opt instead to pay these via "check pay," you must remember to allow enough time for USPS. If you don't, the payment is late. If you realize after entering that the payment will be late, you can't edit the transaction - you have to cancel it and enter a new one with a date other than when you want it paid. Previously, Bill Pay took into account mail time and initiated the transaction based on pre-defined lead time, and did not accept the transaction as dated if minimum lead time could not be met. It understood the payment date was not the same as the mail or initiate transfer date.

    There are at least a dozen other issues, but once again today, I've spent too much time in this software. I've used Quicken for over 20 years, but I'm definitely done. Bill payment via Quicken is no longer efficient or seamless, and I'm forced to find other ways to make sure items are handled properly. If users set up auto-draft for some bills, it should be because they wanted to, not because their software couldn’t manage anymore, or because it was simply easier and more dependable than using the software improvements (which then renders Bill Manager worthless for these bills, since it doesn't handle reminders effectively either).
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