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If I am on one account why can't I get a report (any report) from that account? Right now I have to constantly customize the report by account and categories.
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  • jacobs
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    If you're looking at an account register, you can get a report of that register by selecting File > Print. If you filter by a date range or other filter constraints, this can be a useful way to quickly generate a report.

    But if you're using reports from the Reports menu, you can easily control whether they report on all accounts, some accounts or only one account. Select your report, go to Customize, click on the Accounts tab, and select the one or multiple accounts you want included in the report. Setting a report to report on just one account requires only a couple quick clicks: Customize, Accounts, Selected Accounts, Clear All, check the account you want, OK. If it's a report you'll re-use, you can save it and name it so it's available at the touch of a button. 
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