I cant sell shares of stock in my account.

I have100 shares of x in my account. I enter 100 shares of x to be sold. Quicken say I dont have enough shares in my account. I check my share balance for x in my account and there are 100 shares of x in the holdings. The dates are correct. on the portfolio and the transaction form.


  • splasher
    splasher SuperUser ✭✭✭✭
    Don't sell 100, select the sell All shares.
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  • frankief
    frankief Member ✭✭
    I did click sell all shares and it did not put in the correct total. it put in less. I installed a backup of Quicken from last month with the same number of shares in it. Tried the sale again and got the same results.
  • miklk
    miklk SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    Look through the register, after your last transaction, it shows the share balance.

    I would suspect that you entered a slightly different Security Name on 1 transaction? Look for similar Security Name
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