TO and FROM Transfer Sub Categories (Q Mac)

I would like to be able to change TO and FROM transfers to a subcategory for budgeting purposes. For example, I would add the TO (House Mortgage) transfer category to the Household category allowing me to see my mortgage payment as part of my Household budget category. This use to be possible in Quicken for Windows.
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  • Paul Kleeberg
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    I agree and would like this implemented in Quicken for Mac.
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  • Chris Anderson
    Chris Anderson Member ✭✭✭
    I was hopeful for a quick moment when I was able to enter a separate category for a transfer.  For example normally a transfer to my mortgage escrow account would look like: Category - Transfer:[Escrow], Transfer - Escrow.  I was able to enter a new Category - Mortgage and keep the transfer account - Escrow.  Unfortunately the new Mortgage category does not show a dollar amount in the budget.
  • jacobs
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    In proper accounting, a transfer of funds between accounts is just that, and is not an expense (or income). Because of some legacy programming in Quicken Mac from before transfer could be included in budgets, it is possible to create a transaction which has both a transfer and a category. But that shouldn't be possible, since it violates the rules of accounting, and can create all sorts of problems with reports (as you've discovered). The former longtime Quicken Mac product manager said that the senior executive team at Quicken had reviewed this issue and decided they needed to remove the ability to apply a category on a transaction with a transfer.

    Quicken Mac theoretically does support transfers on categories but we're going to remove that capability in the not too distant future because it's not supported by the Quicken Cloud and Quicken Windows.  I can see your argument that it would be useful and Quicken Windows supports tax line items on transfer transactions to support tax reporting which is a kind of category on a transfer so there's a use case. However, the bottom line is the Mac product must line up with the rest of the Quicken ecosystem. This decision was made at the highest levels of our company so it's not going to be revisited.
    It's not clear why they haven't followed through on making that code change yet,  but I assume it's on the development roadmap somewhere in the future. Meanwhile, until they make it impossible to add a category to a transfer transaction, you will save yourself grief and frustration if you edit your transfer transactions to have no category. 

    The intent is that if you want certain transfers to appear in your budget, you can adds them as Transfers In and Transfers Out of specific accounts. So for a mortgage, you could select transfers to your loan liability account. If you want to count moving money to a savings account as a pseudo expense, to you can include that. But other transfers, such as paying a credit card bill, would not be included because the expenses have already been recorded in the credit card account. So you can essentially get all the data you want in a budget, but you can't decide what category or sub-category to put those transfer in. Yes, it would be nice to put your mortgage payment under a category called Mortgage; instead, it will appear under Transfers To: Mortgage or Transfers To: Escrow. But you get these pseudo-expenses in your budget view, and in your bottom line. So if you accept that the numbers you need are showing in your budget, and don't fight that you can't name it the way you'd prefer, you can be relatively satisfied with the overall data and bottom line of the budget.

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