Editing a monthly bill reminder ?

Recently when using "edit this instance" , the change will revert to the old value after a one step update. These reminders are not linked to an e-bill. I prefer to keep them separate and edit the reminder when the current bill becomes available. Any ideas ? Thanks


  • NotACPA
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    How about simply allowing that bill to be posted to your account ... and then edit the instance in the account when the actual bill is received?
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  • sailerph2
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    Sure but I'm just wondering why this function is broken and if it's broken for all users
  • Frankx
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    Hi @sailerph2,

    I assume you are selecting "edit this instance and all future instances" when you make the change to the value.  When I do, the future instances change and stay changed after multiple OSU's so there could be an issue with your data file.  I would suggest that you do some troubleshooting - see this LINK.

    Let me know how that goes.


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