Downloaded Transactions - Controls DISSAPPEAR

My Quicken Premier 2017 is uptodate. After I accept a transaction, the control buttons for Downloaded Transactions - disappear ! Please look at the screenshot.


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    To coerce Quicken into displaying the buttons, I suggest you enlarge the tab region by reducing the number of entries displayed in the register: hover the mouse cursor at the bottom of the last transaction in the register until the mouse cursor changes into a double headed arrow, click and drag up and release.

    In case you're not aware:
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    WhaaaaaT !!! I'm not interested in "coercing" Quicken. I want the BUG to be fixed. The screenshot clearly shows the BUG.
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    @ssprinz you seem to not understand what the purpose of this forum is.

    It isn't a bug report form.  If all you want to do is report a bug, then use: Help -> Report a problem.

    When you post here other users are going to try to help.  Now clearly they can't change code, so that help in the case of a bug will be a workaround if available.

    You need to thank people trying to help you, not bite their hands.
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