Would love an API to run reports without manual interaction

Jeff Kowalski
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It's sad that Quicken doesn't have an API at all. Other products like Word or Excel are fully automatable through COM, .NET, etc.
I would love even the simplest of APIs that allowed an external program to trigger a previously-stored report, returning the data via clipboard, string, or saving to a textfile.
I have external metrics I currently create from several Quicken reports and it's a real drag to run each report, copy the contents, paste into another format, etc. It'd be a few lines of code if only Quicken had an API.
Why doesn't it have an automation API? I mean, there's no reason to expose the file format or get Quicken out of the way. I'm just asking for a way to interact with it reliably without my own hands on the mouse and keyboard.
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  • And what about being able to access Quicken data through Power BI? That would be nice also. Is there a way to do that?
  • Jeffrey Jones
    Jeffrey Jones Member ✭✭
    An API would help Quicken by creating a 3rd party marketplace of useful extensions to the product. The fact that these extensions exist may make someone decide to buy Quicken or not move to another product. To me it is just smart business to have an API. Creation of an API has its challenges due to security concerns. An API is always a vulnerable part of any app. Since Quicken is quite old maybe Quicken's reluctance is in its legacy tech. A good API is not simply a wrapper to access the data as others have inferred in the past. I have worked on many systems and would also be reluctant to create an API for many of them. It would be nice if Quicken would explain their reluctance.