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Would love an API to run reports without manual interaction

Jeff Kowalski
Jeff Kowalski Member ✭✭
edited October 2020 in Reports (Windows)
It's sad that Quicken doesn't have an API at all. Other products like Word or Excel are fully automatable through COM, .NET, etc.
I would love even the simplest of APIs that allowed an external program to trigger a previously-stored report, returning the data via clipboard, string, or saving to a textfile.
I have external metrics I currently create from several Quicken reports and it's a real drag to run each report, copy the contents, paste into another format, etc. It'd be a few lines of code if only Quicken had an API.
Why doesn't it have an automation API? I mean, there's no reason to expose the file format or get Quicken out of the way. I'm just asking for a way to interact with it reliably without my own hands on the mouse and keyboard.
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  • And what about being able to access Quicken data through Power BI? That would be nice also. Is there a way to do that?
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