How do I pay a person via direct deposit (eft) to their bank account.

My Landlord would prefer the rent be directly transferred (deposited / eft / wired) to their bank account. I am hoping to this through quicken. I have their bank name, address, routing and account information, but I'm not sure if its possible or how to set it up. Thanks for the help.


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    Unless the landlord is established as an ACH vendor (doubtful) they will receive a paper check. If you are inclined to send them electronic funds, your bank should offer Zelle payments for free which you can initiate from their website or the bank app on your smartphone. The transaction will be downloaded as if it were any other payment.
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    Zelle is one way. On Bank of America's web site, I can send an ACH transfer directly to any individual if I enter their name, address, routing number, & account number and the bank will remember that info for future transfers. No paper check is involved. Perhaps your bank offers this service. It can't be done via Quicken, though.
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