Is there a Quicken update regular frequency to expect?

Microsoft has  update Tuesdays for Windows 10.
Does Quicken have some fixed update frequency?
It seems lately that updates are are occurring with increasing frequency- like within of few days.

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  • GeoffG
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    Not officially, but they seem to select Friday's the most often. It's rumored that it's because support is not available on the weekends, but that is strictly conjecture.   ;)
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    At one time Quicken Inc said they were shooting for monthly, but clearly that is out the window.  Other than that the only other reference to such "in public" has been that a few years ago they went to the agile methodology.  Which basically states that you setup so that you can develop, build, test, and release much faster.

    I think though your basic question is why all the releases all of a sudden on a pattern which seems pretty random, right?

    Here is my take on this.

    If you see a release within a few days of another release it is because either a mistake was made (a big bug was introduced) or something was forgotten (something that should have been in the release didn't make it for some reason) or poor planning.  It is certainly not a "planned schedule".

    BTW @GeoffG I use to work very closely with software quality assurance (SQA) groups at times because of the software I develop that they and the developers used.
    And so got to understand a lot about what they faced.  The main reason I have seen for Friday releases is because the developers work Monday to Friday, and when people are setting up schedules they state them to end at the end of such periods.  And the developers will work right up to the last moment in their schedule.
    It takes a lot "pull" to change such a culture so that the schedule end in what is the middle of the developer's work week.

    What has this to do with SQA group?
    Guess who has to come in on weekends to do the testing?
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