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how to link Wells Fargo retirement account in Quicken?

In several attempts over the last couple months I have been unable to link a retirement account at Wells Fargo, with Quicken. I've successfully linked multiple other accounts; including my primary mortgage at Wells Fargo, and retirement accounts at other institutions. Have spoken with Quicken support via chat on two previous occasions, and via phone yesterday; each of these 3 reps tried various versions of deactivating/reactivating, adding a new account, etc.; suggested I could manually download transactions; & finally said I should call Wells Fargo. Yesterday, a Wells Fargo Retirement Account rep said that it's just not possible to link to Quicken, due to "a security restriction" allegedly placed by my retirement plan sponsor. However, this WF rep's first response to my call had been, "What's Quicken?"; so I doubt their level of expertise on the subject.

This morning I've searched the Quicken community with no luck (looked through top several results pages, of several different queries; found numerous posts about other Wells Fargo account problems, but none with retirement accounts.) Hence, my posting this question to the community. Thank you.


  • BK
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    Hi, What is the exact error message you are seeing at what stage of the process (details will be helpful)?  By 'link', do you actually mean 'add' to Quicken since this specific account does not currently exist in Quicken - or does it?  Does this account have a separate login/password from your other WF accounts?
    Many Financial Institutions (FI) are implementing a 3rd party access restriction by default and how they word it inconsistent and sometimes hard to find.  Requiring you to go to the security section of your account to enable it - granting permission for a 3rd party program (like Quicken) to gain access your account.  It could be as simple as doing that if they have such restriction in place.  Just a thought.
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  • Boatnmaniac
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    @enirevets - Believe it or not, the WF Retirement Account rep might just have told you the truth.  Whether or not an employee can use Quicken to download data from a 401k plan (I'm assuming you are talking about a 401K or similar type of retirement plan) can indeed be sometimes restricted by the employer.  One way you could confirm whether or not this is the case is to contact the 401K Plan Administrator and ask them.
    There are several different WF links in Quicken so making sure you are using the correct link is critical.  Have you tried to do what was suggested...log into your online 401K account and manually download (in QFX or "Quicken" file format) into Quicken?  If that is successful, your account in Quicken will be set up with the correct WF link and then you can check the Online Services tab of your 401K Account Details in Quicken to see if there is a message that an improved connection method is available.  If one is available, then just click on that link to start the connection upgrade process.
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  • enirevets
    enirevets Member
    Hi -

    Thanks for your reply. I'm going to try to answer your questions from both of your posts, in this one reply. Here goes:
    - by 'link' do I actually mean 'add'? YES. and what happens is that when it comes back with "We found the following accounts", the only account listed is my mortgage (which is already successfully set up in Quicken.) It doesn't find the retirement account.
    - "...since this specific account does not actually exist in Quicken - or does it?" IT DOES, now, because I did manually download the QFX file. But going from there still doesn't work:
    From Account Details > Online Services (as you suggested), I see "your financial institution supports an improved connection method" and "Click here to find out more and get set up". But when I do so, the "Quicken Update Status" window flashes on screen very briefly then is replaced by "Activate One Step Update". I enter my WF username & password, click "connect", I get "looking for your accounts at Wells Fargo Retirement Plans"... and that's when it finds only the mortgage account as described above.
    - NO, the retirement account does not have a separate username & password. When I log in to my Wells Fargo online banking, the first screen - my dashboard so to speak - is an "Account Summary" which lists BOTH the retirement and mortgage accounts.
    - Regarding the 3rd party access restriction you mentioned: I did find, under the "Security & Support" section of my WF online banking, a screen about "Data Sharing"; but that screen listed NONE of my accounts, and had two buttons at the bottom which were BOTH grayed out. (don't recall what buttons said; something innocuous like "back" and "next". Later I tried to find this screen again but couldn't find it.) Anyway, point is this seems like a dead end. Again, as stated earlier, my mortgage account was added to Quicken several weeks ago; and since then seems to be working correctly - it updated successfully a few days ago, with no help from any hypothetical "data sharing" settings, which I had never seen before tonight.
    - Regarding "several WF links in Quicken": if you mean the various versions of WF that are listed as FIs - YES I have tried several of those previously. After a couple previous failures, on August 9 for the first time I took detailed notes; on that date failures happened with account type "401k" and "Wells Fargo Retirement Plans", and also account type "brokerage" with "WF Advisors", "WF Asset Management", and "WF Trust". The next day, Quicken chat support told me that WF Retirement Plans should be the correct one (and created ticket #7864055). No further progress via that ticket with a phone rep yesterday. Tonight I also tried "wellsfargononqfx.scr" to no avail.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you have any further suggestions I would appreciate hearing them. Thanks again.
  • BK
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    @enirevets , Thank you for the detailed response.  From what you just described as well as your initial phone call with them I second @Boatnmaniac 's suggestion and make multiple calls to the plan sponsor/administrator with the hope to find that one right person who knows what s/he is talking about - as we know every person will give you a slightly different answer.  Doesn't even hurt to ask them if they are able/willing to flip that switch!  And please write back so that your experience and findings can benefit others.
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  • rick5407
    rick5407 Member ✭✭
    I have had a similar issue for months. I was using Chrome as the browser for years to download the WF Retirement account. I would enter the account without problem. The thing I could not do was download to Quicken. I would get a message that the URL was rejected and I need to get to contact the administrator (what administrator). Month's of calls, manual entries, and frustration a Wells Fargo tech suggested using another browser and IE worked. Sad I have had to do this before and should have thought of it. Still frustrating that we constantly have to fight these downloads for a multitude of issues that take month's to resolve. I know from experience of download bank information for work that these institutions are constantly changing things, security software is constantly setting up blocks, computers upgrade firmware and software changes and all this constitutes a constant headache for everyone. A least I corrected this issue for the present. Nothing is guaranteed and good luck finding the right person to ask the right question. Thank goodness for search where maybe we can find something to try. If it weren't for forums we might not every figure out what the problem is and we'll forever blame the wrong folks. Everything is a work around. Best of luck.
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